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60th Birthday

Birthday Party on Sept. 29, 2012 at Abbys Pizza in Redmond.

40th Reunion - Saturday Festivities

Banquet - Auction - Memorial - Dance
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Terry Lindsay

Obituary, newpaper articles, and pictures of Terry Lindsay.  Newspaper articles required multiple scans, which are arranged sequentially. Apologies for the clumsy reading. Our website limits photo size.  For a bigger image of the first page of a newspaper article on Terry's memorial service, click here:  TerryMemorialService.  A pdf file with all 3 pages of the article is Here. In addition, those that knew Terry well will appreciate two videos of Terry teaching art in Lander in 1991.  Video1 and Video2
Looking East at Sunrise

Scott Fairchild's home in British Columbia

A note from Joel Cannon: This is excerpted from an email Scott Fairchild sent to Ken Carlson about his home in Camp Kitwanga British Columbia. He copied it to me and gave me permission to post it here along with the photos.  The photos go better with the story. Here it is.

To find our home, get out your BC map, find Prince George, then hang a left and head towards the west coast.  When you find the junction of Hwy 37 (Cassiar Hwy) as it heads north to Alaska, we are about two miles west of that junction and we live next to the Skeena river.  I have included a couple of pictures that shows our place and some of the surrounding area.
Cindy and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found such a place to retire to.  We looked long and hard at a number of areas in Alaska and the Pacific NW, as I wanted to retire near a salmon and steelhead river.  But, even after pooling all of our resources...children were too old to sell off, Cindy refused to sell herself, garage and bake sales are a pain...there was NO way we could even think about buying anything that wouldn't strap us into bankruptcy on a retirement income.  In remote NW British Columbia land prices were still very low, and at the time we bought it their dollar was at a historic low compared to the US dollar.  We learned of this place in a nickel ad flyer, "out of area real estate opportunities", that was placed in a SE Alaska bargain sheet.  We came and looked at it, fell in love with it, made a deal, and spent the next year or more making it a reality for us.  We still pinch ourselves every day as we never thought in our wildest dreams that we would be able to have a place like this.  The hunting and fishing is good too :-)

The group -- at least most of it

The Organizers

Pictures of the organizing group taken at our first planning meeting.
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Miscellanous classmate pictures